Easter at 8 Months!

April 3, 2013

Easter at 8 Months!

Dropping in quickly to post a picture of Melina at 8 months in her Easter Sunday Geranium Dress. Much to my dismay, the 6-12 month size will only be fitting for a few more weeks. Oh well…we’ll enjoy it as much as we can until the buttons burst! Love those growing cheeks and rolls!


Melina Eleanor Moser

July 28, 2012

Welcome to the world Melina!

Born 7/22/12

7 lbs, 14oz  19 3/4 inches

We are so very happy to finally meet you!

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Farewell Old Friend…

September 20, 2011

A month ago we said a very painful goodbye to our lovely dog Cyra. After a long month of taking medications and struggling from the fatigue that accompanies lymphoma, Cyra-dog let us know that it was time for her to leave. It is such a painful thing to let go of such a wonderful girl–she’s been around for 13 wonderful years and has brought such joy and love to our lives.

The most comforting part of letting go was knowing that Cyra had so many loyal fans–from friends who used to watch her for us while we were off hiking to family who knew exactly how important she was to us and who will miss her when we next visit.

And the letting go was in such a wonderful, peaceful way. Cyra had the best vet hospital in the world. They took such good care of her (and us). We finally received her ashes this weekend and were so very touched by the way they took care of every last detail. Her ashes were enclosed in the most beautiful wooden carved box; they washed and cleaned her collar and tags and they included a plaster mold of her paw print—seriously? So thoughtful.

On one of these warm sunny September afternoons we’ll find a perfect spot on our little patch of land in Oakland for Cyra. We’ll remember her spirit, her deep brown thoughtful eyes and her calm presence–always happy just to be with you. We love you Cyra.

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A non-mobile home…

August 15, 2011

Two years later we finally got around to remodeling the Airstream!

This totally wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have the skills and time of our friend Aaron to jumpstart the project….

Inside the darkroom

And a few shots of Zach’s final MFA program review….

Our first visit to the beehive was pushed back a day due to rain.  The anticipation nearly killed us.  It’s hard to know what to expect; first, we hoped the bees were still there.  Then, you hope you can find the queen.  And if all of that is in place, spotting the ‘capped brood’ (eggs laid, baby bees on their way) is the final task for the first check.  And, as beginner’s luck would have it, we had all three!

Seeing the first comb full of bees from the back entrance of the hive


Lifting out the first comb


Loads of bees...they made this comb in just two weeks!


Look closely...and you can see larvae curled up in the cells


So beautiful...


Needless to say we were pretty fascinated at how much they were able to accomplish in just two short weeks.  We tried to get a shot of the queen, but she was pretty quick and kept dodging the camera…maybe next time.  And we unfortunately missed the shot of Erica lifting a frame up only to have the comb break off and dump about 100 bees on top of the hive–nice.  Fortunately it was one of the outer frames holding mostly nectar and not one with a bunch of larvae in it.  The bees seemed pretty unfazed and cleaned all the nectar and pollen up in a day or two.

All in all, looks like we’re off to a decent start.  Erica’s taking another class next week because we’re not quite sure what to do next with the hive ( :  Hopefully we’ll know more after next week.  Luckily the bees seem to know what they’re doing.

Api benvenuto!!!

May 16, 2011

After much planning, reading, attending of classes and joining of the Alameda Beekeepers’ Association, we decided to get some bees! So on Friday we put approximately 12,000 Italian bees into the back of our car and drove from Sacramento to Oakland to bring the bees to their new home. A day later we had our first bee release party–most of the 12,000 bees landed into our homemade top bar hive and we were lucky enough to have Max & Ashley volunteer to help us:

The installation was successful; there were no bee stings and it was a lot of fun! On Tuesday we’ll check on the hive and make sure the queen was safely released from her cage…and hopefully, if all goes well, we’ll get to enjoy some honey in the fall…

Halloweeeeeeen, etc.

November 20, 2009

And here’s to a lot of activities and little time to write about them:


First, a trip to Tulare to get in on some pumpkin carving…pumkins straight from uncle stanley’s backyard


are those the same knives we used as kids?  or have they just not come up with a better design?


Natalie…pure focus and determination

Melissa sorting through the pumpkin goo for seeds to toast

This is disturbing…

This one even more so….disclaimer: no kids (or adults) were hurt during this activity.

some very cool pumpkins!


And then we had a party…

The classy girl scout hooked up with the mechanic Joe

the fisherman caught his mermaid

Mario Batali and a zombie cooked up some food  (there’s a baby in there!)

a hip couple boogied the night away

another stylish couple sipped their Old Fashion and Tom Collins while lounging on the sofa

the racoons rumbled

“make it work” could be heard over and over again through the night


It was a fantastic night!


And then it was Erica’s Jesus Year party….yep, 33!!

So we headed back to Tulare on a Monday to watch a surprise (only Erica didn’t know) intimate show at the Wine Cellar….VAMPIRE WEEKEND!

For some reason, the only shots we got are on Facebook   ) :

It was an incredible night; followed up by a sleepover with the nieces and nephew in the best pillow fort ever!

and to top it all off…Zach made the perfect Birthday dinner….33 is pretty good so far…