Halloweeeeeeen, etc.

November 20, 2009

And here’s to a lot of activities and little time to write about them:


First, a trip to Tulare to get in on some pumpkin carving…pumkins straight from uncle stanley’s backyard


are those the same knives we used as kids?  or have they just not come up with a better design?


Natalie…pure focus and determination

Melissa sorting through the pumpkin goo for seeds to toast

This is disturbing…

This one even more so….disclaimer: no kids (or adults) were hurt during this activity.

some very cool pumpkins!


And then we had a party…

The classy girl scout hooked up with the mechanic Joe

the fisherman caught his mermaid

Mario Batali and a zombie cooked up some food  (there’s a baby in there!)

a hip couple boogied the night away

another stylish couple sipped their Old Fashion and Tom Collins while lounging on the sofa

the racoons rumbled

“make it work” could be heard over and over again through the night


It was a fantastic night!


And then it was Erica’s Jesus Year party….yep, 33!!

So we headed back to Tulare on a Monday to watch a surprise (only Erica didn’t know) intimate show at the Wine Cellar….VAMPIRE WEEKEND!

For some reason, the only shots we got are on Facebook   ) :

It was an incredible night; followed up by a sleepover with the nieces and nephew in the best pillow fort ever!

and to top it all off…Zach made the perfect Birthday dinner….33 is pretty good so far…


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