Peeking in on the bees…

June 4, 2011

Our first visit to the beehive was pushed back a day due to rain.  The anticipation nearly killed us.  It’s hard to know what to expect; first, we hoped the bees were still there.  Then, you hope you can find the queen.  And if all of that is in place, spotting the ‘capped brood’ (eggs laid, baby bees on their way) is the final task for the first check.  And, as beginner’s luck would have it, we had all three!

Seeing the first comb full of bees from the back entrance of the hive


Lifting out the first comb


Loads of bees...they made this comb in just two weeks!


Look closely...and you can see larvae curled up in the cells


So beautiful...


Needless to say we were pretty fascinated at how much they were able to accomplish in just two short weeks.  We tried to get a shot of the queen, but she was pretty quick and kept dodging the camera…maybe next time.  And we unfortunately missed the shot of Erica lifting a frame up only to have the comb break off and dump about 100 bees on top of the hive–nice.  Fortunately it was one of the outer frames holding mostly nectar and not one with a bunch of larvae in it.  The bees seemed pretty unfazed and cleaned all the nectar and pollen up in a day or two.

All in all, looks like we’re off to a decent start.  Erica’s taking another class next week because we’re not quite sure what to do next with the hive ( :  Hopefully we’ll know more after next week.  Luckily the bees seem to know what they’re doing.


5 Responses to “Peeking in on the bees…”

  1. Aaron Gomes Says:

    Exciting stuff! But I think it is kinda mean that you make them do all that work and then just take their honey. You bullies.

  2. Michelle Says:

    How is the beekeeping going? I want to learn more about it. I love your projects!

    • cyranotes Says:

      Thanks Michelle! I need to get back to the blogging (: The bees were a fantastic adventure, but sadly they didn’t make it through their first winter…apparently many other beekeepers has hives that suffered a similar fate this year–part of the learning experience. I’m hoping to start again next year; I’m about 5 months pregnant now (: and didn’t think I’d fit into my bee suit this summer…Beekeeping is probably the best crazy decision I’ve made in a while and I’m so glad I decided to get into it!

      • Michelle Says:

        Congratulations! About the baby, not the bees of course 🙂

        Yes, you should pick up on blogging again! I would love to see how you are growing and adapting to motherhood. It is a great adventure and it makes me happy to see people I’ve known “pre-baby” join in the fun 🙂

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