Farewell Old Friend…

September 20, 2011

A month ago we said a very painful goodbye to our lovely dog Cyra. After a long month of taking medications and struggling from the fatigue that accompanies lymphoma, Cyra-dog let us know that it was time for her to leave. It is such a painful thing to let go of such a wonderful girl–she’s been around for 13 wonderful years and has brought such joy and love to our lives.

The most comforting part of letting go was knowing that Cyra had so many loyal fans–from friends who used to watch her for us while we were off hiking to family who knew exactly how important she was to us and who will miss her when we next visit.

And the letting go was in such a wonderful, peaceful way. Cyra had the best vet hospital in the world. They took such good care of her (and us). We finally received her ashes this weekend and were so very touched by the way they took care of every last detail. Her ashes were enclosed in the most beautiful wooden carved box; they washed and cleaned her collar and tags and they included a plaster mold of her paw print—seriously? So thoughtful.

On one of these warm sunny September afternoons we’ll find a perfect spot on our little patch of land in Oakland for Cyra. We’ll remember her spirit, her deep brown thoughtful eyes and her calm presence–always happy just to be with you. We love you Cyra.

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